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NDE expert and researcher Rene Jorgensen appeared on the TV show Call the Doctor along with Dr. Jeffrey Long and David Benneth to discuss the scientific evidence for near-death experiences, research and insights from the experience. Jorgensen also shared his research from his book "The Light Behind God," which investigates the parallels to religion.

Study of Near Death Experiences finds Evidence for God


New study of Near Death Experiences reveals that people experience `God` beyond death. A major result from Rene Jorgensen's new study of near death experiences revealed in his book The Light Behind God shows that people overwhelmingly agree to call the core of their experience - an experience of `God.`


When asked: “What would you describe the core or essence of your experience as”, the study found that 53 percent checked the box with “pure being,” and 60 percent said yes to “essence of existence.” Moving further into trying to put a name on this core or essence the consensus became higher with 73 percent agreeing to call it “the Light,” and a majority of 80 percent calling it “God.” 

Scientific Study of Near Death Experiences in Survivors of Cardiac Arrest


The results of the first major prospective study of near-death experiences, conducted over a 13-year-long period and set up in ten different hospitals in the Netherlands, was published in the international medical journal The Lancet, vol. 358, issue 9298.

This scientific study included 344 cardiac patients who were successfully resuscitated after suffering cardiac arrest and compared demographic, pharmacological, and psychological data between patients who reported NDEs and patients who did not after successful resuscitation.

New Study of Near Death Experiences launched to shed light on mind-body problem


The AWARE (AWAreness during Resuscitation) study was announced at the UN Symposium Beyond the Mind-Body Problem: New Paradigms in the Science of Consciousness, on September 11, 2008. The symposium at the United Nations featured some of the leading NDE researchers and other experts in the field of near death experiences and mind-body science.

The AWARE study is the first NDE research study launched by the Human Consciousness Project, which is led by Dr. Sam Parnia, an expert in consciousness during clinical death.


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